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Building Your Wedding Website

Building Your Wedding Website

Wedding websites can be a very helpful tool in communicating important information with your guests, especially if you plan on having a large wedding. The best part about wedding websites is that you can easily build one and the even better part, you can build one for free! So, what should you include on your wedding website and where can you get started building one?

What to include

Dates and Times

If you’re like me, you like to know where to be and when. Put your wedding date and time front and center on your website so it’s the first thing people will see when visiting. The starting time of your day’s events for your guests is perfect. Remember, set your starting time a little before the ceremony time to add time for late arrivals.


Knowing where to go is half the battle for your guests and it’s helpful to have the important addresses with directions on your website so they won’t get lost on the big day. This is really important if you are having a ceremony in one location and a reception in another. And even more important for those out of town guests.

One-Click RSVP

The paper invitations are classic and really add a personal touch, but save on the return postage of an RSVP card and have your guests visit your website to RSVP to the event. Not only will this help you keep better track of your wedding list, but will also make it very easy for your guests to let you know they plan on celebrating with you!

Share Your “Story”

This little personal touch will create a connection between you and your wedding guests. People love a good story and sharing how you two met is the special story your guests are interested in. Keep it short and sweet though, we don’t want the epic novel of a how-we-met story.

Accommodations and Things to Do

Let’s face it, if you are coming from out of town to attend a wedding, you’re looking to capitalize on the trip and see the sites. Share some great hotel options with your guest that meets a variety of budgets (or, if you have a room block at some hotels, share that information!). Pick out some cool sites to see or things to do, too. That way, when you’re off to your honeymoon, your guests can continue to enjoy their getaway enjoying some local sites and dining.


The awesome thing about building a wedding website is that you can connect your registries online directly from your site. This keeps all of your registry’s on one place and helps your guests to find them easily.

Shout Out to Your Vendors

Your vendors are the important people helping to make your big day magical, give them a little love by showcasing them on your site. Not only will they appreciate the recognition, but if any of your guests are local and are looking for a great vendor, they can easily find their information on your site without having to ask.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

From engagement photos to the final wedding pictures, sharing your pictures on your wedding website allows your guests to download them and save them. It also brings your event full circle and is a good wrap up to share with your guests.

Social Sharing

It’s going to happen, so you might as well create the social tag for your guests to share online and in their social feeds. Putting the social share tag front and center on your website will guide your social butterflies in the right direction!

Get Building!

Here is a list of some great resources to check out to start building your wedding website for free!

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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