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Start Your Event Right – Budget

Start Your Event Right - Budget

So you’re ready to kick off your wedding planning. You’ve got the ring (gorgeous), you’ve got the date (yes!) and you’ve already said the most important part (I Do); but you can’t take another step, look at another dress or drool over the latest flower arrangement trends without doing the most important part of your planning…budgeting! Yes. Budgeting….the dreaded word that most brides hate. Yes, we want the perfect wedding, but do we really want to break the bank? The average wedding cost $26,645 (http://www.costofwedding.com/). Yep, you read that right. And if you’re like most brides, you don’t want to start off happily ever after paying off the party bills for the next 5 years. So…to get you started in the right direction, here are 5 wedding budgeting resources that you can use to start your planning on the right foot.

5. Wedding Wire Budget Tool

Wedding Wire – Budget Tool

This awesome budget tool allows you to create a detailed line-item budget of all of the components of your event. From hair and make-up to the DJ and florist; the Wedding Wire Budget tool allows you to create payment schedules, allocate funds and much more!

4. Cost of Wedding – Calculator

Cost of Wedding – Calculator

Want to know approximately how much your dream wedding might cost you? Start off by getting a feel for your target budget with the handy Cost of Wedding Calculator. Based on all of the components you plan on incorporating and your location, you can get a feel for the amount your wedding might run you in your area. After you complete the questionnaire, you can export the budget right to excel to get started.

3. Wedding Planning Complete Plus – App

Mobile App – Android | Apple

This app is the real deal! Complete with a variety of other tools in addition to a comprehensive budgeting tool, this app will help you to stay on track and communicate with your wedding planner every step of the way.

2. Wedding Paper Divas Budget Tool

Wedding Paper Divas – Wedding Budget Calculator

Easy and simple, this budgeting calculator will tell you, based on the amount that you want to spend, how much you should spend on each component of your event. Helpful to see where you may need to increase or decrease spending. An easy export to excel allows you to save your new budget for easy editing.

1. The Knot Wedding Calculator

The Knot – Wedding Calculator

Holy tulips and roses, what doesn’t this calculator do? The Knot Wedding calculator helps you customize your event based on your budget, and will give you a line item breakdown of each component so you know what to spend. The best part, the calculator is totally free. Now that’s saving with style!

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