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Décor Rental


Welcome Chalkboard: This board is a must have for any gathering. It is 3 ft tall and has the option to have tray on the bottom that can hold a floral arrangement or any extra supplies needed for the event.

Party Planning can be difficult without the right tools. We make it easier for you by having a decor rental. This is just a glimpse of what In An Instant Events has to offer. Please email or call to get more information and pricing details.


Silver 2 tier tray: This tray can hold anything from macaroons to quiche. We love the dimension it adds to a festive table.


Marple Cheese Platter: This platter is a statement piece for any fancy gathering involving cheese and wine


Mango wood Cheese Platter and Cheese Knives: Swoon!!! These knives will be the topic of conversation and is a perfect accent to the mango wood platter.


Mercury Glass goblets and Silver Candlesticks: Make a lasting impressing with these classic items.


7 mercury pieces: Varying in heights and width this adds a variety to any party or social gathering.


4 mercury gold vases: You can use these pieces for floral arrangements, candle holders, or just a splash of color on your table.


Hammered Copper Tray: This tray is a staple for any season. Perfect for displaying beverages or glassware.


6 Hammered Copper Chargers: Ideal for a wedding party table. These chargers add character and a pop of glam to your big event.



10 Martha Stewart Dessert Plates: Ideal for a Bridal Luncheon to add southern charm.

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