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Color Palettes


It is important to realize that with any event you need to have an idea of what your color scheme is. It might be a baby shower, engagement party, or a 50th birthday celebration.


For a baby shower consider these few ideas:

Is the gender a boy or a girl?
What is the mother’s favorite color?How are the parents decorating the nursery?

Just these key points alone, will give you a guide on what colors to go with for the shower.

For an Engagement Party:

What are the colors that the couple plan on having at their wedding?
Where do you plan to have the party and would the colors clash with the venue? Has the couple created a social page that has her/his ideas of color scheme for inspirations?


Birthday Party Color scheme thoughts:

What is the birthday persons favorite color and/or interests?

Does the individual prefer matchy matchy or has more of an eclectic style?

How old is the birthday guy/gal?


Cheers to an exciting 2017!!!




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