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Birthday Party Themes

When planning a birthday party, the theme is all the rage! Whether it is a baby’s’ first birthday or your grandma’s 106th birthday, theme is everything.

Know your audience

I helped coordinate my nieces’ 7th birthday. We knew she had around 15 kids under the age of 10 coming. You always plan for a little more just in case. My niece loves ” Little House on The Prairie”, so we came up with a few things to add to the party around that specific time period. Make sure to plan a few games for other kids to be entertained as well…. and dont forget the most important part : CAKE!



We knew for that many kids we have to almost think “stations” and time limits. The first item on our agenda was our General Store. I took my grandfathers old white desk and converted into a candy counter. Each child had a brown paper bag with a few coins. Each child was allowed to pick three pieces of candy after dropping a couple of coins into the old fashioned Piggy Bank. After the child picked out their candy and put it in their bag they each got to ring the old schoolhouse bell. Since each child was participating, it created the atmosphere for the rest of the day. Of course the person behind the counter (me) had to be extra energetic. We gave each girl a little bonnet to wear on their head to add to the era as well. The next activity we had was a penny gathering. While I was participating in the candy counter, my father sprinkled $10 worth of pennies in the front yard. Each child had their paper bags ready with excitement as my father counted down. All the children collected as many as they could within 15 minutes and then it was cake and ice cream time. Once the cake and ice cream were done we moved to gifts. It is important to have delegated someone to write down who gave what gift to your guest of honor. This list will make it easier for the honored guest or parent to write a thank you note for each gift given.  After the gifts took place the majority of the children went home. We had a few girls stay to play with my niece on her favorite part of the party which was washing clothes with an old washroom board and hanging the items on a clothesline. What a productive 7 year old!


Have a clean up committee

After all the fun was over we made sure we delegated who was going to do each chore. This is an important task to master or we would have continued to talk and not make the most of our time.

  • Trash roundup
  • Washing Dishes (unless paper product)
  • Someone to hand out party favors
  • Compile gifts into just a few boxes and recycle the rest of the boxes and/or bags.
  • If the guest of honor is having the event somewhere other than his/her house make sure someone gets the gifts in the correct car.


Planning a party is always an entertaining time! Contact In An Instant Event to make your party stress free.

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