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Lindsey and Trey’s Amalfi Coast Wedding

Lindsey and Trey’s Amalfi Coast wedding was a dream!!! I can’t wait to see Valerio Magliano Films video of their intimate ceremony held at the Palazzo Avino overlooking the Amalfi Coast on September 4th, 2017.

Palazzo Avino

Palazzo Avino

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Lindsey through our EARN group (a closed networking group that meets every Friday). At my first meeting she pulled me to the side and told me she is planning a wedding in Italy in 3 months and needs my services. Needless to say, I was THRILLED! I could not wait to start helping plan this amazing celebration of love.


I was able to “meet” her vendors through email and Instagram. She had already picked her venue ( Palazzo Avino), photographer( the talented Joanne Dunn), and her videographer ( Valerio Magiliano Films). I needed to pick the perfect florist to go with her vision as well as a hair artist. We also came up with an in depth timeline working with Joanne Dunn and the Palazzo Avino to insure we had everything perfect. The florist we chose was Malafronte Fiori and the hair artist is Piero Mansi.

About a month and a half before the wedding I was able to meet her travel agent, Global Escapes, located in Athens, Georgia. They secured the flights and transportation services and worked along side Lindsey and Trey for more excursions after their wedding. With in the same time Lindsey mentioned that she had been chosen to be on “Say Yes to the Dress!” How exciting!


We arranged the information for the show and I gave an in depth timeline.

Since I am extremely detail oriented, I asked Lindsey if she wanted to exchange letters before the ceremony with Trey. She loved the idea and I knew the perfect company to design a letter… my business bestie: Honey and Olive Lettering.

Once Lindsey and Trey were in Italy I was on call for their special day.

I knew everything must have been going wonderful when I didn’t hear anything until 3:30 PM Italian time which is 9:30AM Georgia Time. Their ceremony started at 2:oo PM with the breathtaking sounds of a harp and violin to “ I can’t help falling in Love with You.” After the blessing, vows, and rings were exchanged Lindsey and Trey decided to have their first dance as husband and wife overlooking the coast to ” All of me”.
Lindsey’s dream worthy gown is by Bridals by Lori and was the perfect gown for the Amalfi coast views.


Once the ceremony was over Joanne Dunn took the newly weds down the coast for pictures. First stop: Amalfi, Second:Atrani, last: Minori. Needless to say, I am PUMPED to see these photographs.

After pictures the happy couple joined their families for a world class dining experience at Rossellinis where I had arranged a small wedding cake to be served with Malafronte Fiori florals on top.

Lindsey called me the next day and was over joyed.

When I asked Lindsey what her favorite part of the whole day was, She responded, ” The view! The vows were beautiful, the location was unimaginable, the photographer knew her stuff, but the planner was the very best!” – She is the sweetest 😉

Lindsey also wrote me the nicest review and of course I cried.

“There should be 10 stars here.
Lauren, you outdid yourself. You picked up the pieces that I strowed all over the Amalfi Coast. You emailed in Italian, coordinating every single most amazing vendor down to the exact minute, placing, and pricing. You communicated with me on your late Saturday nights and called internationally on Italian time. You communicated my vision with an ease and professionalism. You executed every single change, update, revision while sharing updates by the minute. ..and these are only a few…
We are still in awe when we look back on everything you did for us. Without your help our special day would not have been the picture-perfect event we always dreamed of. Your planning, preparation, and attention to detail was amazing. You are world class and expert in your field. I thank you. My family thanks you.”


A dream of mine is to eventually go to the Amalfi Coast and meet all of the amazing vendors who took part in this blessed union of two beautiful souls.

Beautiful picture of Lindsey and Trey by the Talented Joanne Dunn

Beautiful picture of Lindsey and Trey by the Talented Joanne Dunn

This wedding goes down in history! Cheers to sweet Lindsey and Trey!

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